Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras


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I wish today's theme had been Marid Gras but I didn't really plan that far ahead.
Today's theme was Super Hero, which worked out well because I needed all my courage to face the torture chamber...i.e. the dentist.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Feb. 4 Honeybee

This sounds like a silly role to play, but when I started thinking about the importance of the honey bee in history, and the way we are mysteriously losing honey bees now, the impact becomes obvious. No bees equals no pollination. No pollination equals many fewer fruits and vegetables.

Bees were sacred to the Goddess Diana. Honey has natural aneseptic qualities.
I'm acually allergic to bee stings, so I kind of have a love/hate relationship with bees.

Today I tried to be busy as a bee. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I needed to be super busy to keep my mind off of it. At least tomorrow I get to be a super hero. And I need to be to make it through my dental phobia.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Feb. 3. Vampire

I was still too sick to dress up for this, but I did spend the day thinking about energy vampires. How do we use others? How do we let others use us? Do we give up our power too easily? Do we fight over every little thing? Do we give in to passive aggression? Do we know when we are being manipulated? Do we purposely manipulate others for our own selfish gains?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feb. List

Feb 1 Queen
Feb 2 Baglady
Feb 3 Vampire
Feb 4 Honey Bee
Feb 5 Superhero
Feb 6 Catburglar
Feb 7 Checkerboard Lady
Feb 8 Belly Dancer
Feb 9 Witch
Feb 10 Dominatrix
Feb 11 Fair Colleen
Feb 12 Mad Scientist
Feb 13 Geek
Feb 14 Queen of hearts
Feb 15 Hobo
Feb 16 Puppeteer
Feb 17 Millionaire
Feb 18 Genius
Feb 19 Gypsy
Feb 20 Psychic
Feb 21 Little Girl
Feb 22 Monkey
Feb 23 Camo girl
Feb 24 Tart
Feb 25 Mod
Feb 26 Gothic Lolita
Feb 27 Shepherdess
Feb 28 Prairie Girl


It's a little scary how easily I can slip into baglady mode.

Sick Leave

On Jan. 28 until today I've pretty much been too sick to participate in my own experiment. Looks like I have some make up work to do.

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